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Nicolette Shea naked on the bed


New stepmom Nicolette Shea. She moved in a couple of months ago, she’s run the household with an iron first, which doesn’t sit well with the free-spirited and rebellious girl. When she home one evening, she decides to skip dinner to go to her room to work on a series of naked selfies. As she takes nude photos of herself and masturbates for her camera, she gets caught by Nicolette Shea, who is shocked and enraged by her stepdaughter’s photos until getting a closer look.



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Nicolette Shea naked with a girl


Nicolette Shea has recently hired a new secretary. However, she needs to pick up the slack; she’s horrible at filing and is turning Nicolette Shea affairs into a hot mess. To teach her a lesson, Nicolette tells her she can’t leave the place until she’s learned the value of hard work, namely, how dedicated she can be at making the both of them naked.



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